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Kontist - Steuererklärung clever gedacht! - FinTech Podcast #283
FinTech Podcast #283 Just the word tax return alone triggers thoughts of flight, nausea and aversion. Especially for the self-employed, sorting and sorting, recalculating and transferring amounts to the tax...
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Banxware - FinTech Podcast #281
FinTech Podcast #281 Sometimes even old hands dare to try something new –  also Miriam Wohlfarth, who was THE face of Ratepay for many years, and Jens Röhrborn, also no...
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Die News im August - FinTech Podcast #280
FinTech Podcast #280 Die Ferienzeit ist mehr oder weniger vorbei – Corona immer noch da. Unsere Kinder kehren in den Alltag zurück, alles mit Maske. Back to the new normal....
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