“Many are now concentrating on the essentials”

Welcome to the Transactions 2020the event at which the most important heads of the Digitization-, Payment– and Banking-industry.

This is a series of interviews with this year’s Transactions 2020 speakers – Today we will be Peter Bakenecker I’ll be available for questions and answers. Peter is Division President Germany & Switzer-land at Mastercard.

The number of cases is skyrocketing everywhere and the situation is serious. However, our events live from exchange and in the last few months we have learned that many things can also take place virtually. Nevertheless, we feel that personal exchange on site is important and in order to do justice to both, we have decided to use Transactions 20 to make two events.

The first part will take place as “Berliner Runde” as planned on 19.11.20. A completely virtual event with two keynotes from Sasha Lobo and Verena Pausderwho will share with you in their keynotes their vision for a digital Germany and the extent to which Covid-19 is shaping our industry. In addition, we have invited the man who contributed significantly to the Wirecard case and who made Wirecard the topic of 2020 in the industry: Dan McCrum. He talks to us about the revelations in the Wirecard scandal. Afterwards there will be a discussion round. Everything in the live stream to shorten your waiting time until the “real” transactions.

Transactions 20.5 as the second event in February

Transactions 20.5 takes place on 25 February 2021 as a hybrid event, i.e. in stream and (hopefully) as a presence event, as originally planned, in Offenbach in the old steel construction. Of course we hope that the situation will have relaxed by then and that as many guests as possible will be able to attend not only in the stream but also on site. Every ticket purchased is valid on 19.11.2020 as well as on 25.02.2021. One ticket for two events. So if you have a ticket, you can be present at both events.

At the event in February 2021 the most important heads of the Digitization, Payment– and Banking-industry. Besides the many great participants, an event is only as good as its speakers on stage. The Transactions is one of the few interdisciplinary conferences in the DACH region that offers a stage for lateral thinkers from various industries on the subject of “digital structural change”. We are once again looking forward to national and international stars from the digital business who will give an outlook on the most important trends in the industry.

Who are these great minds #TRX20,5, you can read about this in the following pages, despite the shift in next weeks in our interview series.

Next year’s participants include Peter Bakenecker, Divisional President Mastercard for Germany and Switzerland, who introduces himself in this interview. He will also take part in the panel discussion: “Bad Banks, New Kids & Big Techs”

We are happy about your acceptance for Transactions 20 in November: Please introduce yourself briefly.

Rhinelander and (Wahl)Münchner, father, enthusiastic traveller, 15 years of payments and I believe in the positive change through technology in all areas.

Since when have you been dealing with the topic of your panel and why are you enthusiastic about it?

At least since the middle of the last decade, when payment suddenly became hip and new technologies/providers have changed this area like never before. Since then it has become faster and more colourful. But in the end, above all, better for consumers, companies and our society.

Transactions Peter Bakenecker

What expectations do you have as a speaker for the upcoming TRX?

I am looking forward to an exciting exchange and a look into the (new) future after all that happened in 2020 (so far).

The TRX takes place for the second time: What relevance did the event have for you and the industry?

If you want to think outside the box, come to TRX/BEX/PEX.

Adapted to the situation, this year’s TRX will take place for the first time in Hybird format. What experiences have you had so far with such digital event formats?

Transactions Peter Bakenecker

An absolute necessity in the current time to protect others and oneself from infection. Nevertheless, I hope that we will soon be able to exchange ideas and experiences in person.

What questions would you like to ask your fellow panelists yourself?

What comes next, after the benefits of unconditional UX slowly melt away?

The TRX takes place in Offenbach. Why should FinTech also be an issue beyond the big hubs?

Where is Offenbach? All jokes aside, Fintech is not a company size or a place. It is about the use of technology in all areas. This should be a topic everywhere.

Looking back over the year – what has changed massively in your particular sphere of influence? Which of these is positive, which negative?

Of 100 questions this year, 99 have never been asked. Many are now focusing on the essentials and this change remains.

Nicole Nitsche
Nicole Nitsche ist studierte Theaterwissenschaftlerin und hat mehrere Jahre als Regieassistentin beim Thalia Theater Hamburg gearbeitet. Danach war Nicole Leiterin der Presse-und Marketingabteilung eines Hamburger Musiklabels. Zu ihren täglichen Aufgaben zählten dort, neben dem Verfassen von Pressetexten, die Umsetzung und... mehr