Digital Identity Overview Germany

Digital Identity in Germany is a very ambivalent topic. On the one hand, the Corona crisis shows how helpful a uniform, mass available digital identity would be, but on the other hand, the topic is developing in the same way as the developments in mobile payment almost ten years ago. With one important difference: mobile payment initially always tried to solve a problem that did not exist in this form. Even back then, customers were already able to make cashless payments online and at the point of sale. But the situation is different with digital identities, where many things are not possible and the market is fissured. Although solutions have been available for quite some time that are dedicated to the topic of digital identity in the broadest sense, the customer and Users so far not very well received.

Digital Identity – an overview

Time to shed some light on the situation. The overview “Digital Identity Landscape Germany” is a start. It lacks both a categorization and an evaluation of the most relevant players. There will also be companies that wrongly do not appear at all or which perhaps do not belong in the overview. But especially with this topic it needs a start and your feedback. Feel free to add to the comments or by mail to us.

Digital Identity Overview Germany (Download as high-resolution PDF)
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