Ask me anything #21 – with Michael Spitz from Main Incubator

Ask me anything you want… Sure, I’d love to, but what can you do if you don’t always have the opportunity to do it vis-à-vis? “Ask me anything” or “AMA” is a popular format of digital platforms. A person or a topic is the focus of an expert chat. Whether it’s questions about expert knowledge or very personal issues from everyday life, it doesn’t matter.

With “Ask me anything…”For example, Payment & Banking has created an interactive and regular format that, hopefully, thanks to you, will never be boring. Well-known faces, actors of the scene and inspiring personalities of the Fintech industry have their say. The special thing about it: It is not the Payment & Banking team that thinks up the questions, but our community.

Episode 21 – Ask me anything – with Michael Spitz

Before the recording of a new “Ask me anything” starts, either analog or remote, I like to drink a glass of water and also stop the interview guests to do so. After a cup of coffee, I was once told by an actress, you can hear a smacking sound while talking during the recording, because coffee – I admit it: favourite drink! – dries out the mouth. So I’ll pass. That’s harsh.

But forget coffee! In the current “Ask me anything” champagne is the drink of the hour – in the truest sense of the word. Because in 60 minutes of the interview with Michael Spitz, his sign neither winegrower, winemaker nor champagne producer, but Managing Director of the Main Incubator, we talk a lot about the sparkling wine, its proper production, storage, grapes, the best growing areas and also about whether a bottle of champagne, comparable to bottles of expensive wine, is a good investment opportunity.

The answer in four letters: no! Nevertheless, Spitz gains a lot from this noble drink and has become a true expert over the last few years.

But whoever thinks that we have been talking about alcohol all this time, rest assured: We also had many other topics, because Spitz is a long-time companion and thought leader in the financial sector and a member of various committees, including the World Economic Forum. He is also co-author of the book “Heads of the digital finance industry”. In it he writes about “technology-oriented strategies”.

In recent weeks we have already had the opportunity to talk to a number of authors in our popular interview format “Ask me anything”, including Charles Matthew Schmidt from the Quirin Bank, Stephen Heller from FinCompare and Frank Schwab, among others board member of PayU and founder of the FintechForum.

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