Everything already there, everything already seen? Not true. What else is there to come? A lot! That Germany is still a place of founders, who still come up with something new even in the finance, payment and banking industry, we prove from now on in our loose episodes on new companies in the finance industry.

Financial Geek

With “keep an eye on your finances – simple and easy to understand”, FinanzGeek launched earlier this year as an ‘all in one’ solution. The startup from Worms was founded by Frank J. Horvath, Prof. Dr. Werner König and combines cloud-based office software, a DSGVO-compliant project management tool and an accounting assistant. At the heart of the product is the so-called Smart Guide – an AI-based business advisor designed to alert users when processes are no longer working.

Moonshot Mission

Moonshot Mission was launched as a donation platform rather than a traditional fintech. The team around founder and CEO Thanh Binh Tran consists of NGO and startup experts from an online platform.

Called Effective Giving, donations that can be made through the site will be directed to select organizations. In addition, targeted donations should be completely transparent for everyone and as easy as ordering online. And: Moonshot Mission wants to make the topic of donations attractive to the young and digital generations. With this approach, the Berlin platform is ready for the first NGOs and thus also for donations since February of this year.

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The startup Wellet comes from Düsseldorf and was founded by Sergei Tokmakov. With the Wellet Android app, customers can be offered cashless payments without the need for extra terminals. VISA, Mastercard or other credit cards should be accepted without any problems.


“Insurance shouldn’t cost the earth, but help improve it,” says the site of Good24, a startup from Meerbusch (near Düsseldorf). In order to live up to this claim, Good24 relies on a variety of cooperations with brokers and experts in order to enable people to “actively contribute to the urgent issues of our time without financial effort. Behind Good24 are Lutz Kammann & Christian Will.


Epap was already launched in Hanover at the beginning of last year. With the app, it is possible to receive your receipts from your in-store purchases on your smartphone. Only electronic cash register systems are necessary to be able to issue epaps. Users can evaluate and categorize their spending and export the receipts in the app. The app also offers a budget book for users, which automatically evaluates the expenses.

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