Info graphic: Who fell victim to PayPal?

When PayPal was launched in Germany in spring 2004, the German credit industry had no idea how big and powerful the “payment friend” PayPal would become. Today PayPal is the most frequently used payment method in Germany besides purchase on account. At year 2019, the market share was in Germany at over 20 percent. In the last 16 years many providers in Germany have tried to do the same with PayPal. But only PayPal has grown bigger, while at the same time many payment brands, entire wallet and P2P payment methods have disappeared from the market. An overview.

The victims of Paypal in Germany (Download as high-resolution PDF)
Jochen Siegert
Jochen Siegert ist erfahrener Unternehmer, Investor und Experte für digitale Transformation. Er ist derzeit als Managing Director verantwortlich für die globalen Asset-Platformen der Deutschen Bank. Er schaut zurück auf über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in Einführung und Management von Innovationen /... mehr