Low interest rates, rising inflation and an ever-widening pension gap are putting a strain on consumers, and in times of uncertainty it is becoming increasingly difficult to put money aside for emergencies or even for the future. Even participation in the capital market has long since ceased to guarantee high returns. At the same time, investors want to participate in trend topics such as the environment and cryptos.

Digital asset managers are trying to minimize risk, but still want to strengthen and drive attraction. “We see demand for attractive investment options like ETFs continuing to grow,” says Lars Reiner, founder and CEO of Ginmon. According to company data, the investment volume at Ginmon per active, natural person is currently around €28,800.

Ginmon integrates technology from Upvest

Now the Frankfurt-based company is cooperating with Berlin-based infrastructure fintech Upvest with immediate effect. The integration of Upvest’s investment API is aimed at expanding the ETF portfolio offering.

With this cooperation, Ginmon has found a strong partner. Just this spring, Upvest, founded by Martin Kassing in 2017, closed a Series B financing of around EUR 40 million. This amount marks one of the largest fintech financings of the year in Germany.

In addition to the main investor Bessemer Venture Partners, previous investors Earlybird and ABN AMRO Ventures as well as Notion Capital, Partech, 10x Group and Speedinvest were also involved

Trend themes increasingly important for investments

“In addition to long-term wealth accumulation, many people want to see personal interests reflected in their investments that are important to them and that they want to participate in,” Reiner continues. The new product therefore now offers investors targeted investment opportunities in e-mobility, clean technology, blockchain and more.

Upvest’s investment API is expected to give Ginmon access to new growth opportunities and implement more use cases. The asset manager is not commenting on what this should be at the current time. However, the signs are pointing to expansion, as Ginmon already has its own license, which can be passed on to other EU countries. “We see ourselves as a pan-European supplier and will therefore make use of this in due course,” Reiner added.