We’re doing it again! After several years of event experience and various BEX, PEX and TRX series, we at Payment & Banking are launching a new conference format as early as next month: CryptX. Because we believe the time is ripe to bring together the right people from the industry to talk and discuss about the topic of crypto and digital assets and the relevance of these phenomena and technologies, also and especially for our industry. That’s why the most important minds in the bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency community will meet in Frankfurt, Offenbach on November 18, 2021.

What we see as truly innovative applications in the future are not always what we immediately think they will be – just as has been the case with other innovations in recent decades. Linux, for example, has not become a Microsoft killer but is still relevant, and Open Banking has not made retail banks superfluous, but has above all accelerated and changed processes. What exactly will be in five or ten years, where we stand technologically, we can only speculate, but it has always been our intention to orient our events thematically future-oriented and therefore we are more and more convinced that the topic and the technologies, which we already see in small parts today, will remain. The topic of crypto has accompanied us for quite some time in regular formats on the blog and therefore it is only logical for us to adapt these forward-looking topics in a new conference series.

Probably similar to what is described above, we can also expect a tokenized world with digital assets and digitalized currencies in the future: Here, too, there will be new relevant players, which we can already see and anticipate in parts today; in addition, new applications and exciting use cases will arise and be found.

Which of these are the most exciting and possibly the most promising is debatable, but that is precisely the reason why we at Payment & Banking are now bringing a new event to life alongside our Payment Exchange (PEX), Banking Exchange (BEX) and Transcations (TRX), thus focusing on the renewed exchange of experts with our community.

We are convinced that crypto will be relevant in the world of payments and banking in the future. Not everything will be fundamentally different, because established players will also try to find a place in the new world.

Why is it time to build the bridge?

Closing the thematic gap between the worlds and approaches that are often still very different today, the old and new processes, the solutions that no one has thought of yet, but that will possibly be relevant for all of us in the future, that is the claim and the motivation we have with CryptX on 18.11.2021 in Offenbach. We want to create understanding and encourage and enable open and fair exchange. The exchange between real experts from the world of digital assets and the community we have had with Payment & Banking for more than ten years.

So the goal is to build bridges between the old (payment and banking) world and the new (crypto) world. The protagonists of Payment & Banking together with the most important heads of the scene would like to bring a little light into the darkness. That’s why we invited national and international stars from the digital business to give an outlook on future-oriented developments around Bitcoin & Co.

The CryptX - the new event of Payment & Banking

What can you expect at CryptX?

Specifically, the following questions will be addressed: What are the differences between the various digital money initiatives such as Bitcoin, Diem, CBDCs and Co? The ECB is working on a blockchain-based digital euro, what can we expect? Who can benefit or even lose their current market position? Is blockchain technology the appropriate technical basis for the realization of digital securities? What are the implications of a digital euro for the German and European economy? What could a step-by-step implementation of a programmable digital euro look like? What appropriate laws and safeguards need to be implemented to meet the demands of a constantly changing crypto market? How do traditional financial institutions view the rise of cryptocurrencies and what does this mean for the adoption of crypto assets? What are the real use cases that banks and the industry are now seeing, or has another trend been missed here? Questions upon questions that we will all be taking up!

In short, that’s what our agenda is all about:

  • Blockchain, DLT, Stable Coins, Altcoins and Co.
  • Bitcoin, Diem, digital Euro and Co. digital currencies on their (pre)ass?
  • Cryptocurrencies – of legends and myths.
  • Tokenization everything…?!
  • Application cases and use cases
  • what role does the issue of regulation play?
The CryptX - the new event of Payment & Banking

And these are just a few of our wonderful speakers:

As always, a unique ambience and many other surprises await you. The fact that we finally have the chance to get together physically and do some real networking again thanks to a 2G event makes the anticipation even greater.

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