#5minF – 5-Minute-Friday

The principle of the “5-Minute-Friday” is probably known to many by now. This concept also fits perfectly for the popular podcast model. Every Friday, Alexander Bechtel, Jonas Gross and Michael Blaschke explain a question of the crypto community in a short and crisp way in five minutes.

Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone! One vice that probably most of us carry around with us is the unthinking use of buzzwords. In today’s 5-min Friday episode, Alexander Bechtel talks about how this “sin” is also and especially affecting the – attention: buzzword – “crypto community”.

Especially in new and innovative fields, it often happens that terms are used in different meanings and are thrown around. What exactly is a blockchain? What do we mean when we say “crypto”? Does a “token” describe the ERC standard or the equivalent of an account? Etc.

Crypto buzzword bingo

The good news is that it pays to advocate for clean definitions and uses of terms. Alexander shares a success story in this context, describing how he and colleagues helped get the term “programmable money” used cleanly. Find out what role the Bundesbank plays in this context in today’s 5-min Friday episode. Have fun listening!

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