The industry has become big and has long since grown out of its infancy. There are so many companies shaping the industry but not all are equally well known. Who are the companies that form the glue between finance and digital technologies? In our series “The companies of the FinTech industry” we give companies or startups from the payment and banking industry the opportunity to introduce themselves.

kompany AG

The KYC API is a RESTful API and enables automated enterprise verification by accessing structured as well as unstructured data within existing systems and compliance workflows.

KYC workspace is a cloud-based platform that addresses a range of KYB requirements in a single application. All company solutions and services (including monitoring and alerting, PEP and sanctions screening and more) are brought together on one easy-to-use platform, enabling teams to work together within their KYB tasks.

UBO discovery® is an advanced AI solution that enables complex beneficial ownership and shareholder structures to be viewed holistically and transparently across different companies and jurisdictions. Within the user-friendly platform, UBO discovery shows connections between companies, executives and shareholders within and across jurisdictions and helps teams maintain advanced shareholder due diligence.

KYC onchain provides a secure, legally admissible audit trail for requests to and responses from the KYC API, ensuring that enterprise verification activities are audit-proof at every point in the process. All associated requests and subsequent responses are time-stamped and then stored as anonymous hashes in a blockchain.

Facts and figures about kompany

  • sales channel: B2B
  • Target group: Corporate customers
  • Country of destination: World
  • Status of funding: Series B
  • Other financing planned?: Yes

“kompany stands for a global live network for easy and fast business KYC.”

The Business Model of kompany

mpany is the leading RegTech platform for global company verification and business KYC (KYB). The trade and company registry network and kompany’s four product lines (including the API and shareholder identification tool UBO Discovery) support financial institutions, payment service providers, insurance companies as well as other regulated companies to automate their due diligence processes and meet requirements of the latest anti-money laundering regulations.

In essence, kompany provides digital onboarding solutions, ongoing monitoring and notifications (for KYB), back-office automation, document translation, and industry-specific solutions to help companies ensure full compliance with anti-money laundering regulations while improving their own customers’ experiences, thereby shortening the time between performance and revenue.