The industry has grown up and has long outgrown its infancy. There are so many companies that shape the industry but not all of them are equally well known. Who are the companies that are the glue between finance and digital technologies? In our series “The Companies of the FinTech Industry” we give companies or start-ups from the payment and banking industry the opportunity to introduce themselves.


Payrexx – The easiest all-in-one tool for online payments

Payrexx was the first payment facilitator to develop a cloud-based payment platform that offers online payments with integrated e-commerce tools from a single source. Whether products, services, online tickets or vouchers are sold, membership fees are included or donation projects are run – with Payrexx’ simple tools, companies, institutions, private individuals and public bodies can get started immediately and accept payments.

Payrexx offers individual platform solutions (also as white label) for marketplaces, SaaS platforms, associations and agencies.

Facts and figures about Payrexx

  • distribution channel: B2B
  • Target group: Corporate customers
  • Country of destination: Roof
  • Status of financing: Series B
  • Other financing envisaged?: yes

“Payrexx enables secure and easy processing of worldwide customer payments.”

The business model of Payrexx

Our vision is to offer small and medium-sized companies the most customer-oriented payment platform at all times. With Payrexx, companies increase their turnover by offering their customers all payment options in one optimized payment process