Die Branche ist groß geworden und längst aus den Kinderschuhen heraus gewachsen. Es gibt so viele Unternehmen welche die Branche prägen aber nicht alle sind gleichermaßen bekannt. Wer sind eigentlich die Unternehmen, die den Klebstoff zwischen Finanzen und digitalen Technologien bilden? In unserer Reihe „Die Unternehmen der FinTech Branche“ geben wir Unternehmen oder Startups aus der Payment- und Banking-Industrie die Gelegenheit sich selber vorzustellen.


Our recently launched investing app, BUX Zero, allows users to invest in companies for the mid to long term and lets them invest in real shares commission-free. We are currently live in the Netherlands with plans to launch in Germany before the end of the year, closely followed by Belgium and France.

Our other app, BUX X, allows users to trade in CFDs on stocks, indices, forex and other financial products for the short term with limited leverage. BUX X is available in 9 European countries and has over 2 million users. With BUX X, we’ve created a fun experience that removes the complexity from the financial markets and simplifies the trading experience.

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BUX ist eines der nominierten Unternehmen des „Fintech des Jahres 2019“

Zahlen und Fakten über BUX

  • Vertriebskanal: B2C
  • Zielgruppe: Privatkunden
  • Zielland: Europa
  • Status der Finanzierung: Serie C
  • Weitere Finanzierungen vorgesehen?: noch unklar
  • Name des / der Produkte: BUX Zero and BUX X

„Bux ermöglicht kostenlosen Aktienhandel für jeden.“

Das Business Modell von BUX

BUX Zero currently offers Market Orders and Limit Orders. Both order types are available commission-free until the end of this year. Next year, BUX Zero will introduce a third order type, the „Basic Order“, which will be commission-free forever. When users select this option, their orders will be executed at a fixed time, once a day.

With the introduction of Basic Orders, BUX will start charging the rates below for other order types:

> Basic Order: Free
> Market Order: €1
> Limit Order: €2

This will ensure that BUX Zero offers all users at least one order type to invest commission-free now and in the future.

BUX: die Gründer & Investoren

Nick Bortot is the founder and CEO of BUX, an Amsterdam-based fintech company that empowers young Europeans to do more with their money. In his position as CEO, Nick is focused on building a successful team and bringing his vision of making the world of finance accessible to everybody.

Before founding BUX, Nick helped founding BinckBank in 2000 where he worked in various positions and helped the company grow to a market value of more than one billion, resulting in over 15 years of experience in online brokerage. Nick stepped down in 2012 to launch BUX.

Since launching in 2014, BUX has made the markets accessible for nearly 2 million users across 9 countries in Europe. BUX is backed by Holtzbrinck Ventures, Velocity Capital, Orange Growth Capital and Initial Capital.

Meilensteine: was BUX bisher erreicht hat

> BUX X is active in 9 countries across Europe and has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Erfolg in 2019

> We recently launched BUX Zero, our commission-free investing app, in the Netherlands and will be rolling out subsequently across our other 8 markets to our waitlist of over 100K subscribers.

> As of October, we have added 5.000 funded accounts.

Was macht Bux so besonders?

> With our zero-commission offering, we are making investing accessible to more people who want to do more with their money.

> The onboarding experience is seamless and allows users to get investing as soon as possible.

> The younger generation look to their online communities for validation, and building on the success of our vibrant, engaged community in BUX X, we are aiming to bring this feature to BUX Zero in the near future.

> One size does not fit all from country to country, and BUX’s 5 years of experience localizing and operating in 9 European countries positions us successfully to operate BUX Zero across Europe as well.

Was macht euer Team aus?

Our team of almost 100 is based in Amsterdam with an office in the heart of London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood as well. We’re proud to have an extremely skilled team, but what is even more important, is that we’re always hungry for new knowledge. We inspire each other with our thirst for excellence and we’re not afraid to experiment.

We’re especially proud of our culture for one specific reason – it hasn’t changed much since we started in 2014. Being open, fun and human-forward, all while growing fast, can be a challenge, but our team continues to drive to keep it this way.

Wo seht ihr euch in Zukunft?

Investing is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must for this generation. Low interest rates, an unsustainable pension system, rising housing prices and the increasing presence of the gig economy have all changed how people build wealth over time.

Given these changes, we expect to see Europe moving towards a more American approach, where individuals will take more ownership of building their assets and pensions.

Here’s where fintechs come into play. With more options and services available, the mobile generation is moving from more traditional financial institutions to innovative platforms that better suit their needs, by offering:
> Ease of use
> Clean design and intuitive UI/UX
> Low cost
> Easy onboarding

These are only a few reasons this generation is making the switch to fintechs. Given this shift, BUX Zero aims to be the go-to destination for Europeans looking for a better way to do more with their money.

We believe that based on what we have seen in neo banking, we will see the rise of 2 to 3 pan-European neo brokers over the next few years (we anticipate 2 to 3 as a matter of scale across Europe).
> Currently, others who are offering competitive services include Freetrade and Trade Republic in Germany.
> In order for these mobile brokers to be successful across the whole of Europe, and become true neo brokers, it will be crucial for them to be able to easily adapt their services to other languages, but also to different legal systems, local tax systems, local KYC regulations, etc. Europe is very fragmented and not a one size fits all geography.

> Over the past 18 months, apart from our app, we built a full-fledged broker from scratch. We’re the first company in continental Europe to have built a broker from the ground up in more than 10 years.
> We are expecting to see some more apps appear locally. We anticipate that those will opt to sit on top of legacy brokers.
> The flexibility of having our own non-legacy stack broker, in combination with our 5 years of experience in getting young people excited about the financial markets, makes BUX very well positioned to become the leading Europan neo broker.

We are currently live in the Netherlands and will be targeting the end of 2019 for our German and Austrian launch. This will be followed by Belgium and France.

Letzte Worte

1. Unlike in the past, investing today is one of the few ways to build wealth:

> Interest rates are extremely low and will remain so for years to come.
> The current pension system is not sustainable due to the ageing European population.
> Buying a home, and letting it serve as your pension, is no longer an option for many Europeans.
> The gig economy is making it more difficult for this generation to build wealth over time.

I therefore expect that in Europe, too, we will slowly move towards a more American approach, in which you are responsible for building up assets and pensions yourself.

2. The mobile generation is moving from more traditional financial service providers to innovative fintechs that meet the unique needs of this generation:

> Extreme ease of use
> Clean design
> Intuitive UI/UX
> Low cost
> Easy onboarding

The above reasons are only a few of the reasons this generation are switching from traditional banks to ’neo banks‘ (in the UK, 8% of the population already has an account with a digital bank).

Investing has now become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have, but there has not been a neo-broker that fits the needs of this mobile generation until today. BUX Zero seeks to be the go-to destination for Europeans who want to do more with their money.

More information can be found here: http://press.getbux.com/182124-zero-commission-investment-app-bux-zero-begins-its-european-rollout

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