Code of Conduct

Who are we?

We are banking enthusiasts and payment experts. We are founders, investors, consultants and editors, as well as important initiators of the German payment and banking industry. We are enthusiastic about what we do and have the ambition to understand and explain the developments in the industry, to research and present it. Whether on our website, in our podcast or at or exchange events: we always maintain our entitlement to explain and enlighten the developments in the industry. Our expertise in various subject areas helps us to classify what we see and to maintain a critical distance.

Who do we write for?

Payment & Banking ( was created as a link list for a friend and has been one of the most important contact points for the German payment and banking industry since August 2012. We address like-minded people and new discoverers, theme professionals and those who want to become one.

What distinguishes us?

At Payment & banking, we follow happenings in the industry, but also focus on our own topics. Just like the field we report on, we are constantly developing ourselves and our topics. We report on trends and regulations, on current happenings and relevant occurrences. From acquirer to payment procedures, we have the most important topics and terms in payment and banking at a glance.

We give impulses and are always up to date. We recognize potential and report on cases that will become relevant tomorrow. 

The foundation of our services are news and research: we filter out the most important events, check and prepare them. We analyze, draw conclusions and summarize. We prepare complex facts clearly and graphically without falsifying them. We create excess value through interviews, insights and glimpses outside the box.

What are our principles?

Factual accuracy, independence, strength of opinion as well as comprehensibility and quality of the articles are particularly important for us. Our language is clear and comprehensible. We work according to the four-eyes principle: no news should go online uncorrected. We do not copy press releases and other PR articles.

February 2019