News des Tages – 03.02.2012

Google Bank, Mobile Banking, PayPal und Sevenval, Edeka, New York Times, Android, Windows Phone 8, Ting, Nokia, Apple, Kindle Fire, Appafolio, NounProject

News des Tages – 31.01.2012

Obama und Square, Telekom und Square, Payfirma, Apple, PayPal, Starbucks, Visa, TrialPay, CardSpring, Loxideals, MyTaxi, Hopper, Xylogic, Cobook, Google Apps, Kindle Fire

News des Tages – 30.01.2012

Finanzapps, Rework Geno-Banken, Google Wallet, m-Days, iZettle, Mobile-Shopping, Runmeter, Flourish, Portable Dock, wipolo, transfAIRo, OwnCloud, Podio, User Experience, Apple, Kindle Fire, Google

News des Tages – 08.12.2011

Banken nur noch Tech-Unternehmen, Kredite via Facebook, Sparkassen auf Facebook, Starbucks, Smartphones in GER, Android und Symbian, Mobile eMails, HTML 5 Smartphones, PayPal und Magento, Deutsche Bahn auf Facebook, Chicago Sun, The New Yorker, Flipboard, Kindle Fire, Readmill, Sparrow, Smabr, Hojoki, Evernote

News des Tages – 30.11.2011

Seamless, finanzblick das muktibankenfähige Bankingportal?!, ING-direct, Messenger-Apps, mobile zeitgeist Special, Weihnachten und Mobile-Shopping, easyBacklog, tag my doc, iA Writer, Little Printer, MS Office für das iPad, G Twitter, Google Maps, thrivesolo, Zeitungsarchive online, Kindle Fire, Facebook

News des Tages – 22.11.2011

Virgin Bank, HelloWallet, Visa und Shopkick, Commercetools, eBay und TV, Windows Phone Marketplace, Nexus, Facedroid, Tante Emma, Kindle Fire, iPad Magazine Reader, Apple, Drobo, Stamped, Runkeeper, Apple

News des Tages – 10.11.2011

Bank of America, Scred, Mobile Banking, ClearCheckbook, Gap mobile, Kindle Fire, Yammer, Yap, Glooko ————————————————————————— ————————————————————————— Banken Bank of America: Im Kreuzfeuer von Social Media Scred – Share debts and expenses with friends – nettes Tool More Banking Consumers Going Mobile and Getting More Digital ClearCheckbook – Checkbook balancing made easy – schöne Erweiterung für Banken ————————————————————————— […]

News des Tages – 29.09.2011

Mobile Payments, WorldPay, MoBank, ConCardis, Visa, ERPLY, Paypass, Google, ISIS, Facebook, Samsung, Osborne Clarke, BillBaba,, Content Fleet, Tumult, Kindle Fire, Amazon, Wikipedia, QR-Codes, Virgin ————————————————————————— ————————————————————————— Payments Mobile payments won’t sell itself, it requires added value – man kann es nicht oft genug sagen und schreiben – Mehrwerte, Mehrwerte, Mehrwerte WorldPay partners MoBank on m-commerce […]

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