Transactions 20½ – We hold the flag high

For 10 years, we at Payment & Banking have been reporting and commenting on developments in the industry. With, the small link list became a large portal with daily articles, podcasts, infographics and the daily newsletter. What’s more, three times a year we host Payment Exchange, Banking Exchange and Transactions, perhaps the most important events in the industry, but also the most innovative. What started as a hobby is now a company consisting of the founders but also many employees who work together on articles, podcasts, events and much more.

Last year we already proved that we are capable of digital events. With the Banking Exchange 20, but also with the first part of the Transactions 20, we have created two unique events with the support of our sponsors and of course our loyal community with the goal of finally being able to hold real events with many guests on site again this year. The hope to welcome the first participants already with the second part of the Transactions next week has unfortunately not been fulfilled for well-known reasons.

Remote Fatigue

For the past year, social contact outside of a small circle for everyone has only taken place in Zoom, teams, or other video conferences, and it’s tiring. Remote fatigue has set in for us too and despite this, or perhaps because of it, we’re trying to break it all down with our digital events. Not only are we working hard to make the digital formats a unique experience, but we are in close communication with other event agencies and managers to flip the switch to “face-to-face” events as quickly as possible. We hope and assume that we will be able to do this by the summer at the latest with the Banking and Payment Exchange. Currently we can say: We are just as annoyed as you are!

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Photo by Chris Montgomery

Your support is our drive

We know that also due to the Covid19 pandemic, the budgets of our sponsors have become smaller and the belt is tightened everywhere. We’re no different. Nevertheless, we would like to thank our sponsors who were not deterred by this. Thanks a lot! This drives us on and helps us to keep the bar high.

Without our community, however, it would be just as impossible as without sponsors. Thank you too! If you want to continue supporting us, get a ticket, contact us about sponsorship, or share our articles and posts on social media. All of this helps us and drives us.

Give everything, expect nothing. A credo that we are also trying to live in the current situation. Nevertheless, we currently ask for your understanding that we cannot offer all our services free of charge to all companies. Every day we get requests from companies who would like to speak at our events, be featured in our “Faces of the Industry” section, or give us a “Sponsored” post. But in the end we also have to pay the one or other bill and it is a sign of appreciation when a common way is found that is fair to all.

Raise the flag!

Next week Thursday on 2/25/21 the second part of Transactions 20½ will start. We have spared no expense or effort in putting together a unique line-up. Whether Edward Snowden, Aya Jaff, Dr. Sven Deglow Consorsbank), Sophia Fischer (Deutsche Kreditbank), Ulrich Coenen (Fiducia & GAD IT) or Dr. Verena Thaler (Raisin / Weltsparen) – at Transactions 20½ they and many, many more are live in the stream. If you want to support us: Get a ticket. Become a sponsor or just send us a postcard. We are happy about everything! May the pandemic soon come to an end.

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