The Corona pandemic still has us all in its grip and the infection figures are not yet falling to the extent that we can give the all-clear. This also means something for us and our event planning. Contrary to all our hopes to see each other live and in colour again in February, the second half of the Transactions will again take place exclusively remotely – in a really good TV studio in the Palais in Frankfurt.

Advantage: by now (almost) something like routine

But hey! By now have experience in it. After all, before Transactions 20 in November, the Banking Exchange had already been affected by the change in sign. So do we already have something like a routine in planning online-only conferences? Well, sort of and so preparations are already in full swing for the second half of TRX on 2/25/2021. Stress levels are rising!

Transactions 20 - Everything remains different
Stream we can. All right!

After the great guests is before the great guests

Following our November guests Dan McCrum, Verena Pausder and Sascha Lobo, we are once again bringing national and international stars and hidden champions from the business world to our “digital” Transactions stage in February. Who’s all this? We’re simply picking up where we left off at Transactions 20 in November, and look forward to guests discussing the important issues facing the industry and providing an outlook on current developments. We welcome, among others, Aya Jaff, who will reflect on “Get Green or Die Tryin'” in her keynote, as well as Tom Dapp, Kristina Walcker-Mayer, Verena Thaler, Imke Jacob, Alexander Bechtel and many many more.

Bam! Also remotely connected will be Edward Snowden, who not only has his own opinion on the topic of data protection, but will also provide exciting insights.

Transactions 20 - Everything remains different
Dan McCrum at the first part of Transactions 20½ live from London.

Good news: There are still tickets available – be there!

Be part of it!! Lucky is who already has his ticket for the event. They retain their validity and can be redeemed again without any problems. If you don’t have a ticket yet, we have excellent news – there are still some available here:

And if you get a ticket now you will automatically have access to the past Transactions 20½ lectures. In other words, get a ticket and you’ll get the concentrated load: Sascha Lobo, Verena Pausder, Aya Jaff, Edward Snowden and many, many more! You can find the complete line-up as well as all speakers at!

We’re bringing the Transaction 20½ online stream right to your door.