The 5pm Club

We are discussing with you live and online

On this occasion we would like to introduce a new format to you: the 5pm Club from Payment & Banking. Soon we will host our first online talk as a livestream on the net. We will talk live and in color with several speakers about current topics that concern you and us.

You remember, back in January, when we met in Berlin for the #PEX20? Or last year, when we had the kick-off to the #TRX19? It seems like an eternity ago. In the meantime, a lot has happened. Or in other words, nothing is the same as before when we look at it from our event glasses.

But we don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and use the current “big-events-are-NOT-possible” situation to digitally exchange with you (exchange and stuff, you know). What is it all about? Very simple: a digital format for you, live, online and up to date. We will find a topic, get speakers together and want to discuss it with all of them.

The start is made by a topic, that also fits well as a panel for the Payment Exchange: Corona Commerce – payment and trade in times of crisis. Started on Thursday, 30 April 2020, 5 pm/17h. We are pleased to welcome the following speakers: Lukas Zühlke – Otto Group, Matthias Nebus – Mybudapester, André Moeller – Hagebau and Vincent Hoursch – Steps. The first 5pm club session will be moderated by us, this time by Julia and Miriam.

Der 5pm Club / The 5pm Club

The talks are streamed live on our YouTube channel. Just drop by.

We also want you to be part of the event, so please feel free to ask your questions via mail. Also, if you have suggestions for other topics or speakers, we are looking forward to your suggestions. Until then, stay tuned.

Julia Tschawdarow
Julia Tschawdarow ist Expertin für PR- und Marketing-Kommunikation im Fintech- und Start-up-Bereich. Sie studierte Business Administration und stieg 2010 beim Berliner Payment-Anbieter Ratepay ein. Heute arbeitet sie als VP Marketing & PR bei optile. Mit ihrem Team konzipiert und produziert... mehr