Kontist – tax return cleverly thought out!

FinTech Podcast #283

Just the word tax return alone triggers thoughts of flight, nausea and aversion. Especially for the self-employed, sorting and sorting, recalculating and transferring amounts to the tax office is often not only an annoying evil, but also time-consuming and simply unwelcome paperwork.

So far, Kontist has made a name for itself primarily as a provider of business accounts for the self-employed. Now the Berliners are venturing into new territory and could make the users more than happy with their offer. Because: From now on Kontist offers its customers against fee to represent them also opposite the tax office. Because account providers are not legally allowed to offer tax advice themselves, both a Kontist tax consultancy company and Kontist Service GmbH were founded. Right from the start, more than 400 existing customers would have ordered the service. However, not all players in the market are happy with this.

What exactly is hidden under a tech-enabled tax advisor, why Contact Sibylle Strack, CEO of Kontist, and Christopher Plantener, CEO and founder of Kontist, in the Payment & Banking Podcast, know why no tax advisor wants to become a tax advisor, what strategy Kontist is pursuing with the expansion of its services and why the tax market for self-employed people is hardly comprehensible.

The result is a discussion about how much Corona has accelerated the project, which should have been launched at the end of this year, and how to roll up your sleeves, free up all resources, create new ones and bundle them.

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