Just do it! – With these tips ‘Personal Branding’ succeeds

Social media and personal branding are not only current buzzwords in the industry, but are also inseparably linked. Reason enough for us to launch a new episode of our #5pmClub in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere.

For all those who missed the talk: Here you can watch it in full length:

were guests: Miriam Wohlfarthfounder of RatePay and Banxware, and a member of the payment and banking team who recently went viral on TikTok, Hannah SchwärJournalist at Business Insider, who has looked at it from a journalistic perspective, and the two LinkedIn greats George Tusk of n26 and Florian Heinemann of Project A have joined forces with the moderator Malik Riaz Hai Naveed and with numerous tips and experiences we will pave the way for your social media career.

We have summarized the five most exciting insights for you here:

Do not rely on follower growth:

The important thing is not to have follower growth in mind, but to simply do your thing and add value to your community. Georg Hauer of N26 has found that if you use LinkedIn in a targeted manner, followers will automatically come. Not only because of the content, but also because you can network at events and the like and thus build a network from which you can benefit.

Moving into unfamiliar terrain:

Even if you think you don’t know anything about TikTok, you can try it if you have content. Much is “learning by doing”, according to Miriam Wohlfarth as “Diezahlenfrau” on TikTok managed to go viral. Even if there are still pitfalls, such as secret languages, it didn’t hurt her and her fire.

Remain absolutely authentic:

Of course everyone says that, but our panelists have also found that there is no point in pretending. The mix of professional, technical, but also deliberately private content makes a personal brand. Everyone agrees that “family content” has no place on professional social media channels.

Stand by your expertise:

As a journalist, Hannah has an eye on the social media channels of, for example, leaders and CEOs. She believes that with the expertise you have built up, you don’t have to keep your head down. You have to stand by it and build up your recognition value. Reach is primarily irrelevant here. What counts is the added value that you deliver.

Make it easy:

Of course, a strategy is not wrong when it comes to social media, but everyone agreed that there is often no time for a decided strategy. Florian Heinemann even said that he has only recently started to optimize his LinkedIn strategy.

This means that he adapts content that he makes anyway to the individual channels. Two years ago, Miriam also discovered that LinkedIn has an exciting “leverage” to spread its own content and not have to rely on others.

For all those who missed the talk: Here you can watch it in full length: