Everything already there, everything already seen? Not true. What else is there to come? A lot! From now on, we will prove in our loose episodes on new fintechs on the market that Germany is still a place of founders who still come up with something new in the finance, payment and banking industry. We’re featuring 5 new companies each that we haven’t heard of before. Today with the Fintechs: UnitPlus, Bettercard, Famiglia Finance, Skapa Invest and InsureQ


Paying with a depot app? Crazy idea, but this is exactly what the founders Sebastien Segue, Fabian Mohr and Kerstin Schneider are working on right now. UnitPlus from Berlin wants money lying interest-free in accounts to be invested in ETF portfolios and still be used for payments. This transaction is to be free of charge, but the account is to cost two euros per month and 0.7 percent of the money under management per year. The investment account app has an associated debit card from Mastercard.


The other day we had the Hamburg-based fintech Bettercard before in our news. The startup announced the launch of a new corporate card, which it is releasing in cooperation with Solarisbank. Nevertheless, the company was unknown to us. On the website of Hanseaten, the self-description reads as follows: “The startup offers companies of any size and any maturity level company cards starting at 0 euros. So as many as desired firm maps for individual coworkers and each cost center can be assigned. The company cards are characterized by a favorable price-performance ratio, digital functions and the own bonus points program “BetterPoints”.” Behind Bettercard are the founders Martin Bleich and Hinnerk Rott.

Famiglia Finance

Fintech Famiglia Finance positions itself traditionally, describing itself as a 2nd generation family business that has moved its expertise in securities, mutual funds, private and corporate pensions, and structured estate planning online. According to its own information, the company founded by Philip Morgen has been managing the assets of long-standing clients for more than 30 years. At the start, new users have to do a quick check to see if they fit in with the startup.

Skapa Invest

Skapa Invest setzt sich dafür ein, dass der Anteil nachhaltiger Investmentprojekte am Markt stetig wächst. Der Fokus des Teams rund um Gerhard Jarosch liegt dabei auf Impact Investing, das über die ESG-Kritieren hinaus geht. Dafür übernimmt das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Nürnberg die Projektauswahl. “Je mehr Anleger in nachhaltig ökologische oder soziale Projekte investieren, desto mehr Initiativen entstehen, um Zukunft aktiv mitzugestalten”, so das Credo des Gründers.


Already on the market for a while and launched as a new bet in the InsurTech market by Rocket Internet was InsureQ from Munich. It is a digital insurance provider for companies and offers policies for liability and cyber risks, among others. As such, the startup, founded in 2019, is primarily targeting consultants, freelancers in the IT field, and startups in the software-as-a-service and e-commerce sectors. InsureQ acts as an intermediary between the policyholder and large insurance companies. Its partners include Hiscox, R+V Versicherung and ARAG. Alexander Marius Le Prince is behind the fintech.

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