Decision under Uncertainty: Transactions 20 Corona Update

Corona, our event and how we handle it?

Event business is not the easiest thing in Corona times. And that is an understatement. No matter whether concerts, cultural or business events, it feels like a whole industry is down. In times when the number of cases is soaring like many a stock market price, it is almost impossible to plan the business. The situation is constantly changing, people are constantly struggling with the responsibility they have when they want to bring together several hundred people from all over Germany at a conference like Transactions 20.

In the last weeks many questions circulated in our minds: Is the second wave coming? And if so, what exactly does that mean? Do the guests dare to go to an event? Do sponsors dare to sponsor? How do they see it Panelists and speakers? How short term will they cancel if necessary? Can we create the atmosphere that our participants are used to? How does the networking work? And drinking the beer?

Questions about questions that really wear you down and don’t really help – answers were needed!

“Deciding under uncertainty” has always been one of the core competencies of good managers* (I’ve heard it once), with us it’s daily business.

The team also had to learn that uncertainty and consensus do not always go together. Corona eats away at grassroots democracy, which is not always the worst thing. It is also important here to consider the different levels of “uncertainty” – from “total disaster” (i.e. we don’t even do an event), to the middle way (how many are allowed to be on site? – we make a remote stream in parallel and if so, with what content ?) to the “detail level” – (what does the hygiene concept look like?)

And of course not to forget how do sponsors, our really important partners, who support us financially and participants, who make our events what they are and have become a community for us from the very beginning – the range is also big here and you run the risk of being influenced too much by individual opinions (e.g. if speaker XYZ does not come or company ZYX is not allowed to travel).

Flexibility costs money (and nerves) and therefore we are challenged on all fronts in parallel. But never mind, we have to face this responsibility, we accept the challenge.

Transactions 20 - COVID-19 Update

Everything “Mimimi” does not help anything the situation is serious, the health of all, is above everything, and especially above filled halls (even if we would have liked it so much). Out of every unfortunate situation ideas, learnings arise and at the end “Achtung Phrasenschwein” you will hopefully come out stronger, but in any case more experienced.

That’s why we have chosen Transactions 20 the following idea:

Our events thrive on exchange and in the last few months we have learned that many things can also take place virtually. Nevertheless, we feel that personal exchange on site is important and in order to do justice to both, we have decided to turn Transactions 20 into two events.

Berlin round as a prelude

The first part will take place as “Berliner Runde” as planned on 19.11.20. A completely virtual event with two keynotes from Sasha Lobo and Verena Pausderwho will share with you in their keynotes their vision for a digital Germany and the extent to which Covid-19 is shaping our industry. In addition, we have invited the man who contributed significantly to the Wirecard case and who made Wirecard the topic of 2020 in the industry: Dan McCrum. He talks to us about the revelations in the Wirecard scandal. Afterwards there will be a discussion round. Everything in the live stream to shorten your waiting time until the “real” transactions.

Transactions 20.5 as the second event in February

Transactions 20.5 takes place on 25 February 2021 as a hybrid event, i.e. in stream and (hopefully) as a presence event, as originally planned, in Offenbach in the old steel construction. Of course we hope that the situation will have relaxed by then and that as many guests as possible will be able to attend not only in the stream but also on site. Every ticket purchased is valid on 19.11.2020 as well as on 25.02.2021. One ticket for two events. So if you have a ticket, you can be present at both events.

And here again the facts at a glance:

Transactions 20 - COVID-19 Update
  • 19.11.2020, 5 pm Pre-Transactions in the livestream with keynotes from Verena Pausder, Sasha Lobo and Dan McCrum with subsequent discussion.
  • 25.02.2021, 9am – 7pm Transactions 20½ in Offenbach on site and in stream with Edward Snowdon, panels, keynotes, networking opportunities and much more.

I hope you will join us as an important part of this series of events and stand by our side as supporters and participants* even in these difficult times.

To those who believe in us and understand our concept and our decision, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, this would never be possible. And especially in times of Corona, an unstable economic situation and restrained investments, this support is more important than ever.

All this means an enormous effort for us, but we simply owe it to our community. Whoever wants to support us buys a ticket for the new Transactions 20,5. One ticket, two events. And with the code:

FCKCVD19 you get 30% off. on the tickets.

I’ll see you soon, and I’ll talk to you soon… Please take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Our video message about the TRX20

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