Consolidation in the banking sector by Covid-19

A video interview with Max Flötotto (Mckinsey & Company) at the Banking Exchange 2020

For the first time in the event history of Payment & Banking, the Banking Exchange, which was otherwise designed as an “invite only” event, took place in a stream accessible to all. Our goal was to live what other events only preach: digitalisation with all its possibilities, according to our credo: doing is as we want it, only more blatant!

Out of necessity became a virtue! The BEX20 was broadcast for the first time in the history of PaB events from the specially built BEX TV studio in the Hotel 25hours in Frankfurt. In the studio live only the presenters with their respective panel guests – either live or remotely switched on, and a large team of light and sound technicians, cameramen and many other TV-like helpers in the background. TV can’t feel any different!

A conference is only as good as its participants and the quality of the panels is only as good as their speakers. This also applied to the past Banking Exchange, which this year, adapted to the situation, had to take place in a completely different way than we would all have liked.

The participants were remotely connected and followed the ten panel discussions and the four keynotes in the live stream and blog for watching and reading and met in slack and chat for discussion and networking. Some speakers also took part in the discussion digitally.

But not all of them. A number of experts found their way to the 25h in Frankfurt under all caution and in compliance with the hygiene rules and thus contributed to the success of the event.

Also Max FlötottoSenior Partner at McKinsey, and thus one of the sponsors of the Banking Exchange, got on the train in Munich and found his way to the studio.

Together with Gregor Theisen and Philipp Koch, also McKinsey & Company, they kicked off the event by talking about the topic “Covid-19 implications for banks and fintechs”.

With a doctorate in economics, he heads the M&A group in the banking sector in Europe and is one of the main authors of the most important research reports on the German banking market.
So who better to talk to afterwards about, among other things, consolidation in the banking sector, investment volumes in times of corona for and the current uncertainty in the market?
Sure, with Max Flötotto!

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