Banking exchange 2019: Sun, Star Wars and Banking

On the 19th and 20th of September 2019 the time had come again! For the third time, we hosted the Banking Exchange in Frankfurt. Once again, the “Who is Who” of the banking industry met in Frankfurt for two days to discuss developments in the German banking landscape and the Fintech scene. The third Banking Exchange and eighth Exchange event ever, but for the first time an Exchange event took place under one motto. The Banking Exchange 2019 – Episode III used the analogy of Star Wars: the banks on the dark side of power against the rebellious Fintechs and in the middle of it as noble knights the Payment & Banking team always looking for dialogue. An experiment which was very well received by all participants!

We may not have decided whether the future of the industry will be bright or dark. One thing is certain: At #BEX19 Episode III, we went into the exchange with open eyes and an open mindset, held sustained discussions, established important partnerships and perhaps set the course for the future.

For two days 170 participants followed a total of eight panel discussions and four keynotes in the best possible atmosphere. 34 speakers posed critical questions to the moderators and especially to the participants. Because this means Exchange: exchange at eye level. At Banking Exchange 2019 – Episode III, all important topics of the German banking industry were discussed and rounded off with valuable insights from e.g. Knowledge Partner McKinsey. The Banking Exchange offered enough space and above all the right ambience for discussions.

In eight panels topics such as the development and status quo of Open Banking & PSD2, the status of FinTechs in China, the lack of technical competence in the German banking industry and the status of the banking sector after 15 years of digitization were discussed very vividly, some of them controversially. Furthermore, we foresaw about the status quo in SME and corporate banking or how the topic of artificial intelligence continues in banking and also tried to find an answer to the question whether we actually know enough about crypto. Under the best sunshine, unique ambience and great catering. But above all, it was the participants and guests who made the Banking Exchange a unique event. The results of all these topics are actually worth their own article!

Therefore, one or the other panel, in total length, will be available as a podcast in the next weeks, in order to get even deeper into the topic. However, the results of our live surveys, which we threw into the round before each panel, provide an impression or prognosis of the respective core statements of the panels. Just click through the picture gallery!

The visitors of the #BEX19 seemed satisfied

We can always talk a lot, especially if the days are long. And self-adulation is also always difficult. In the end it depends on the external perception. Again, we have built new bridges, again new cliques formed – and the feedback was overwhelming!

“You know this, but just to be on the safe side: IT WAS – HOW ALWAYS AND NOT OTHER THAN EXPECTED – GREAT AT THE BEX!!!” (Daniel Höfelmann, Director – Innovation Management Aareal Bank AG)

“Just like old times after a cool school trip. Thanks again for the sensational event, you really are an incredibly cool bunch of people!” (Frank Müller, PayTechLaw – Aderhold Kanzlei)

“It really was one of the best conferences in the area Payment/Fintech…” (Matthaus Jamroz, Transfermate)

“I see and experience really many events, the Bex is simply a very special one and I will always be very happy to participate and would recommend it to everyone…especially sponsors…:-)” (Martin Setzer, Viridium Group)

“Great people, atmosphere, location + organization. #BEX19 exceeded high expectations.” (Ralf Heim, CEO Fincite)

“Thank you for an outstanding event!” (Boris Terwey, Publics Sapient)

“Great atmosphere, ingenious ‘Exchange’ with many interesting & smart participants and great passion for the important details at #BEX19. Many thanks.” (Benjamin Aquilinio)

“Now I’m looking forward to the next one again and every time I think: you can’t top it anymore…..but then you do.” (Alexandra Weck, UBS)

#BEX19 Collegial, familiar and with a lot of attention to detail. Best class reunion in the industry.” (Claudio Wilhelmer, Bluecode)

“You guys make it possible to physically unite the +/- relevant Twitter community once a year.” (Tom Dapp, KfW)

“It actually seems as if you are setting new standards for innovative event concepts.” (Entersekt)

Thanks to all those who made the #BEX19 possible

An event like the BEX would not have been possible without these great guests and speakers who bring life into the event with your qualitative input, your expertise and the conversations. Again many, many thanks at this point! And, also without our great sponsors the #BEX19 would not have been possible. You deserve the biggest thanks.

Banking exchange 2019: Sun, Star Wars and Banking

And because it was so great here already the promise: The #BEX20 will come. But first, we’re looking forward to our new series of events, Transactions 19. Here we’ll give everyone the opportunity to join us for an exchange and discuss the industry’s important digitization issues. At the Transactions we will discuss the trends of the future in the payment and banking industry, give a perspective and, above all, think outside the box. This format is the quintessence of four years and a total of eight different Exchange events. Get your ticket!

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Banking Exchange 2019, this was

  • Two days of exchange at eye level
  • 8 panel discussions and 4 keynotes
  • 170 participants from a total of seven different nations with a women´s share of 30%
  • 34 speakers
  • 4 stormtroopers
  • Over 1115 tweets with the hashtag #BEX19 with 3.8 million impressions and almost 500,000 reached Twitter users and thus trending topic. For comparison: the hashtag #Bankengipfel reached 258 tweets and about 72,000 Twitter users
  • Over 450 selfies in the ingenious photo disco ball
  • 200 raiders, 43 Leckmuscheln, 65 packs of Pop-Rocks and 229 bottles of Burgen Gin
  • 13 great sponsors
The #BEX19 in sound and vision

Enough words. Here is an impression in moving image and lots of photo material to frame or give away to your loved ones!

You can find even more photo material here:

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