Endlich ist es soweit und wir starten heute mit der CryptX ein neues Eventformat rund um das Thema Crypto. Wie immer haben wir auch dieses Mal die führenden Köpfe der Branche eingeladen, um mit ihnen auf unseren hochkarätig bestetzten Panel zu diskutieren. In den kommenden Wochen stellen wir euch die Speaker:innen an dieser Stelle vor. Heute: Raj Dahmodharan von Mastercard. Er hält die Keynote zum Thema: „The New Rules of Digital Currencies”

How do you explain to your grandparents what you do for a living?

Raj Dhamodharan: We’re making it easy for people pay and get paid in digital assets including cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of advances in money and technology today that can help people manage their payments and finances better and we are working on doing that.

Why should really everyone start to deal with the topic of crypto and blockchain?

The answer depends on what your perspective is as a common consumer. It’s hard to ignore an asset class that has grown to $2.1 trillion + and from that perspective we all should pay attention and it can’t be ignored. The industry actually has a lot of technology advancements that could solve some of the long running issues today. It’s a big asset class for investments and the technology has so many use cases to solve real world problems.

When did you have your first contact with the topic and why did it stick with you?

Whenever new technology comes up I experiment with it myself. It’s a promising technology and there was an exciting opportunity to lead the space at Mastercard and I jumped at it.

What books can you recommend to beginners who are interested in the topic but don’t know anything about it (yet)?

One of our partners, Gemini, has a great resource on its website called Cryptopedia which includes digital asset terminology. That’s a good place to start. It’s all about taking the first step and committing to learn the industry. We have a great team at Mastercard and we often debate and share knowledge internally with each other. Please do come join our team and we’ll give you more insight into the Mastercard scoop!

Do you have any cryptocurrencies or even NFTs?

Yes. I’m a crypto asset class investor.

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